Michigan Awesome

I love being from Michigan. Born and raised, you could say I am ‘Smitten with the Mitten’. So whenever I find awesome ways to show off and celebrate my home state pride, I jump on board!


I discovered this amazing retailer, bursting with Michigan love a few years ago — perhaps it was the named that peeked my initial interest…  I promptly swooped up a few t-shirts for myself, my husband and a few friends. Since my purchase a few year’s back, Michigan Awesome has expanded their stock and offer a wide variety cleverly phrased apparel for men, women, kids and babies. In addition to what is soon to be your new favorite t-shirt or hoodie, you can also score prints, drinkware, totes, stickers and even… a cycling jersey!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Again, this is only a sampling of their clever slogans. Check out their website for more, including city / region specific shout outs like “Cherry Empire” and “Saginawesome”.

(Is it bad that I kind of want to own everything?)

If you are from Michigan, or simply know someone who calls “the hand” their home, you need to check out Michigan Awesome. These items make great gifts for the Michigan-lover and are just plain fun.

More about Michigan Awesome from Dave Ornée, Operations Manager
Michigan Awesome
is a celebration of state pride and hometown love. We know from experience that people who leave Michigan miss it, and the people who live here love it; you might even say they’re Smitten With The Mitten! Our products (apparel, drinkware, accessories, and more) are available in retail stores across the state and online at michiganawesome.com. We’re proud to be based in Michigan, and we encourage Michiganders around the world to celebrate the Land Shaped Like A Hand.

Enjoy discount code “InsistOnAwesome” for 15% off all orders!

Valid June 16th through midnight on Sunday the 22nd

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