Summer Blazers

Whether you pair them with a smart pair of shorts, layer over a flirty dress, or dress up a fabulous pair or white jeans, summer blazers are a wardrobe staple.

Awesome fabrics like linen, allow the blazer to breathe and for you to be covered up, without heating up. Plus, you can embrace your blazer as a true statement piece and celebrate with some color, or go beach chic with a pretty neutral palette.

Here are few choice blazers that I stumbled across:

Banana Republic Cotton / Linen Blazer

Banana Republic
Cotton / Linen Blazer



Glam Earrings

I know that statement necklaces have been all the rage (I have obviously featured many of them on the blog and continue to swoon over them), BUT…I have also recently fallen in love with what I refer to as ‘glam earrings’.

‘Glam earrings’ are slightly on the larger side, jam-packed with bling, and are totally a statement of their own. (Translation: do not pair glam earrings with a statement necklace…it’s too much…far too much.)

The trick with rocking ‘glam earrings’ in a chic way is to have them be a surprising part of your outfit. For example: simple skinny jeans or black cigarette pants, white v-neck t-shirt, simple black/navy blazer, great pair of summer heels….BOOM – glam earrings. It is a kind of understated chic. No necklace, just the BLAM…pop of a bling earring.

Hats Off

One summer essential is undoubtedly a stylish hat. Not only are they super fashionable, but they provide protection from the sun and keep you cool on a hot day.

Gearing up for a variety of travel this summer, I felt like it was time to invest in a new hat…or two.

I have always enjoyed a summer fedora, but have also been smitten by the super trendy panama hat this season. Decisions…decisions…

I found both options at J.Crew Factory. Originally, I purchased both (online) to see which I preferred, but…after an awesome sale and utilizing my J.Crew rewards, I ended up getting both for less than the cost of one (normally)!

Factory Ribbon Fedora J.Crew Factory

Factory Ribbon Fedora
J.Crew Factory

Factory Panama Hat J.Crew Factory

Factory Panama Hat
J.Crew Factory

For the value (and because I couldn’t make up my mind), I kept both. They each ‘say’ something different and have a unique vibe about them. I am sure both will receive love this summer.

So what is the difference between a fedora and panama hat?

Fedora hats are characterized by a sweeping crown, pinched at the front, and often have a mid-size brim that can be snapped up in the back and that dips slightly over the eyes in front.

The Panama Hat is similar, but is rounder and taller. Panama hats were popularized in the early 20th century, most notably when President Theodore Roosevelt wore one during a trip to the Panama Canal.

Both are classics and can enhance your summer wardrobe – fashion and function! It doesn’t get better than that!

Spring Forward

No…the title of this blog post is not a sick joke. We actually have to ‘spring forward’ this weekend and adjust our clocks, hoping to coax out the sunshine and melt the snow. Heck, I would perform just about any ritual / superstition / fun dare / etc… right about now if there was even a 20% chance that Spring would peek out.

You, too?


In honor of ‘Springing Forward’, today’s post is dedicated to the first thing that I think of when I think spring…FLORALS!

Energy. New Life. Color. Rebirth. Happiness.

Florals…let’s do this. Let’s WILL Spring here.

Spring Forward…..ready, set, GO!

Take Me Away…

Like most (or maybe all) of you… I am in DIRE need of a beach, sand, sunshine and a fruity drink with a ridiculous name and an absurdly tiny umbrella.


Since that reality cannot be mine anytime soon…I will instead daydream and plan for my fake vacation. Pack a bag! You can come with!

Button-Up BFF

One of my wardrobe staples is certainly the trusty button-up shirt. They are classic.

You can dress it up, dress it down…pair it with a sweater or a smart blazer…go oversized with your favorite leggings…and accessorize it however you like. It is virtually a blank canvas that can be interpreted to express your personal style. Plus, it can transition between all seasons. Versatile without a doubt!

I find that my button-up collection is constantly growing. The best part is that I find myself  investing in classic solids or timeless patterns that don’t really go out of style. (The occasional ‘super trendy’ pattern is obviously welcome, too!) Basically they are investment pieces that have a long life and can evolve as your personal taste changes.

Here are a few smart button-ups that would be perfect to add to your wardrobe:

What Guys Should Be Wearing

Most of my blog is focused on tips, trends, and tricks for the ladies out there…so, I thought I would steer the focus towards the gentleman today.

Here are some of my top “men’s must haves” — so, boys (or ladies who shop for their guys)…PAY ATTENTION!

Holiday Bling

‘Tis the season to BLING IT OUT!
If you can’t shimmer, glitter, sparkle and shine during the holidays, when can you?! So, pile it on!

Pave Rondelle Bracelet Banana Republic

Pave Rondelle Bracelet
Banana Republic

Fall Baubles

Time to refresh some of your Summer jewels with ones for Fall!
That mean richer colors and (of course) SPARKLE!

Lotus Crystal Statement Necklace White House Black Market

Lotus Crystal Statement Necklace
White House Black Market

Eternal Band Ring Stella & Dot

Eternal Band Ring
Stella & Dot

'Winslow' Logo Stud Earrings Tory Burch / Nordstrom

‘Winslow’ Logo Stud Earrings
Tory Burch / Nordstrom

Aztec Gem Bib BaubleBar

Aztec Gem Bib