Summer Blazers

Whether you pair them with a smart pair of shorts, layer over a flirty dress, or dress up a fabulous pair or white jeans, summer blazers are a wardrobe staple.

Awesome fabrics like linen, allow the blazer to breathe and for you to be covered up, without heating up. Plus, you can embrace your blazer as a true statement piece and celebrate with some color, or go beach chic with a pretty neutral palette.

Here are few choice blazers that I stumbled across:

Banana Republic Cotton / Linen Blazer

Banana Republic
Cotton / Linen Blazer



Dress Up

I love dresses. And with Spring (supposedly) upon us, it is the perfect time to invest in some adorable frocks to liven up your wardrobe.

Dresses are so versatile and can go from day-to-night by simply switching up your shoe and some jewelry. They are easy to wear and a fun way to ‘girl up’ your wardrobe.

Not only are dresses great for work, but wedding / baby & bridal shower season is upon us. Stock up now on a few cute dress upgrades and you won’t have to scramble later!

Here are few of my favorite dress finds:

V-Back Lace Fit & Flare Dress Laundry by Shelli Segal

V-Back Lace Fit & Flare Dress
Laundry by Shelli Segal

Brooke Dress Tory Burch

Brooke Dress
Tory Burch

Tanner Dress Kate Spade

Tanner Dress
Kate Spade

Just Jackets

Have you put away your winter gear yet? I have and I am not looking back.

I am on winter outerwear strike — honestly, it is going to have to be PRETTY DARN cold for me to bust out one of my winter jackets at this point. I have moved on. I am willing the warmer jacket weather…even if it means I have to shiver a little in the process.

So, what kind of jackets do you need to transition? There are SO MANY options (which is pretty fun!)

Here are a few of my favorite spring-time outerwear options:


Spring Forward

No…the title of this blog post is not a sick joke. We actually have to ‘spring forward’ this weekend and adjust our clocks, hoping to coax out the sunshine and melt the snow. Heck, I would perform just about any ritual / superstition / fun dare / etc… right about now if there was even a 20% chance that Spring would peek out.

You, too?


In honor of ‘Springing Forward’, today’s post is dedicated to the first thing that I think of when I think spring…FLORALS!

Energy. New Life. Color. Rebirth. Happiness.

Florals…let’s do this. Let’s WILL Spring here.

Spring Forward…..ready, set, GO!

Green & Navy

I am (and always have been) a BIG fan of green & navy as a combo. Something about the pair seems uber preppy, yet classic…sophisticated, yet young…and (best of all) the combo ALWAYS works.


Obviously you can build your own navy & green outfits by pairing your favorite pieces together! Need some inspiration?! Here are a few great finds from the wonderful world of Pinterest (seriously, what did we do before Pinterest?)

Head-to-Toe Looks

I love seeing the outfit combinations that people dream up. Isn’t that the beauty of fashion? One person can imagine an item one way, but in the hands of someone else it can be featured in a completely different manner. Awesome!

I asked three friends / guest bloggers to put together a head-to-toe look to share with you! Maybe you will be inspired, too!

Melissa’s Lookmelissa

When it comes to choosing accessories, I love mixing casual outfits with dressier jewelry.  It makes for a great daytime look, whether going to lunch with a friend or just running errands.

To put together my outfit I started with a pair of destroyed skinny jeans from Old Navy (4). Destroyed jeans give a more casual look, as long as you make sure the holes are tasteful!

On top, I chose to wear a flannel shirt from JC Penney (3) in my favorite color, green. Paired with the flannel I am throwing on a black puffer vest from J. Crew (2).  I absolutely love the look of flannels paired with vests. It gives the impression that I tried way harder with my outfit than I actually did.

February is the month of love, so why not incorporate it into my outfit? I absolutely LOVE these Jeffrey Campbell leather flats (5). They are so fun and definitely would get me skipping up and down the streets, even if the ones by me are covered in snow.

For accessories I am adding a gold, crystal statement necklace from Stella & Dot (1). The gold matches the zipper on my vest and the necklace itself brings an unexpected detail to the outfit. A little prep, a little glam, and a little love. Grab your favorite purse and you are ready to go!

Danielle’s Lookdanielle

Since I am at a point in my life where I have a limited budget, when putting together new outfits, I like to focus on things I could wear both to work and to a night out with my friends

On the bottom I picked these floral print skinny jeans from Banana Republic (3).

I paired the pants with a white Portofino shirt from Express (2). I have a couple of these shirts, and I LOVE the fit of them.

Depending on whether your dressing this up or dressing it down; here are two shoe options. For a night out, I paired the outfit with Steve Madden’s Clydee pump (6). For a day at the office or a shopping trip: I paired the outfit with these Lucky Brand Santana ballet flats (7).

Regardless of your activity, I thought the outfit could be jazzed up with a little sparkle! This black necklace from Fracesca’s (1) will bring out the color in the pants and I am definitely a watch girl, so I also chose this simple gold watch (4) to compliment the gold in the necklace.

Day or night, grab this Michael Kors handbag (5), and off you go!

Alex’s Lookalex1
Today in Michigan, it was 1° outside. As much as I am enjoying this winter wonderland, I constantly have warmer days on the mind. In particular, I find myself daydreaming of my booked beach vacation in March. So, what better way to plan for warmer days than to put together the perfect beach outfit? After some searching, I have come across a few trendy finds, ideal for a sunny day at the beach.

 First off, finding a bathing suit that fits “just right” is the key to a day at the beach. Finding something that is not only flattering, but also comfortable is necessary!  I have been through my fair share of bad suits, however I have always been pleased with a Victoria Secret suit.  My favorite style for the bottom is the Ruched Hipkini, color: White Paisley (2). On top, I adore the Long Line Bandeau, color: Aqua Reef (1).

I personally do not enjoy worrying that I will come out of the ocean topless from getting struck by a wave. This bandeau gives more coverage than the traditional bandeau style, while still having an adorable cutout in the back. The Ruched Hipkini also gives your bum decent coverage, plus more material is used on the side than a string bikini (wider side=less chance of the material pinching your side fat). More coverage while still being sexy? Yes please.

Other essentials for the beach include the three S’s: shoes, shades and shorts. These Old Navy Faux-Leather Capri Sandal, color: Brown Snake (4) are casual enough for the beach, but are an upgrade from the basic rubber flip flop.

The Gap has always been an excellent place for me to find bottoms. I love the 1969 Destructed Sexy Boyfriend Denim Shorts (3). This pair is casual, comfy and has a rugged look, perfect to throw over that adorable bikini.

And finally, to finish off this perfect beach day, a classic pair of shades is necessary. The Two-Tone Clubmaster-Style from Express (5) gives a mix of classic and retro, perfect to top off this cute and casual beach day outfit.



So, I know the other day I teased you with a post about warmer weather, sunshine, bathing suits, etc… aka HAPPINESS.

Sorry to drag you back down to reality, but…it’s really freaking cold. Therefore, I stopped daydreaming about where I WANT to be and decided to focus today and some cold weather accessories that are not only fun, but NECESSARY.

Stay warm, stay safe and stay awesome!

Take Me Away…

Like most (or maybe all) of you… I am in DIRE need of a beach, sand, sunshine and a fruity drink with a ridiculous name and an absurdly tiny umbrella.


Since that reality cannot be mine anytime soon…I will instead daydream and plan for my fake vacation. Pack a bag! You can come with!

Button-Up BFF

One of my wardrobe staples is certainly the trusty button-up shirt. They are classic.

You can dress it up, dress it down…pair it with a sweater or a smart blazer…go oversized with your favorite leggings…and accessorize it however you like. It is virtually a blank canvas that can be interpreted to express your personal style. Plus, it can transition between all seasons. Versatile without a doubt!

I find that my button-up collection is constantly growing. The best part is that I find myself  investing in classic solids or timeless patterns that don’t really go out of style. (The occasional ‘super trendy’ pattern is obviously welcome, too!) Basically they are investment pieces that have a long life and can evolve as your personal taste changes.

Here are a few smart button-ups that would be perfect to add to your wardrobe: