Summer Blazers

Whether you pair them with a smart pair of shorts, layer over a flirty dress, or dress up a fabulous pair or white jeans, summer blazers are a wardrobe staple.

Awesome fabrics like linen, allow the blazer to breathe and for you to be covered up, without heating up. Plus, you can embrace your blazer as a true statement piece and celebrate with some color, or go beach chic with a pretty neutral palette.

Here are few choice blazers that I stumbled across:

Banana Republic Cotton / Linen Blazer

Banana Republic
Cotton / Linen Blazer




I don’t know if it is the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday or what, but I have been completely drawn to hues of pink lately.

The fun thing about pink is that the range of tones seems so vast – ballerina, magenta, carnation, baby, hot, and of course…Barbie. The list obviously expands beyond those into a pink Pantone paradise so you can pick your particular pink (I tried to get as may “p’s” in that sentence as possible)

Ahhh…pink. So girlie, so fun.