Quirky Organization

Sometimes we need a little ‘weird’ in our lives.
Cookie cutter can often be overwhelmingly boring.

A fun way to shake things up is to seek out quirky, unique pieces for your home. Little accents that wake up a space — and what’s even better…a little accent with a FUNCTION.

I am pretty practical. I don’t really like things that lack ‘real’ purpose. Of course I love decorating and appreciate a specially customized vignette, but (for me) organization / decoration go hand-in-hand.

So, when trying to add a little ‘weird’ into your world, think quirky organization!

It’s fun, interchangeable, and won’t break the bank when you tire of it.

Here are a few quirky organization finds I came across.
Let’s get a little ‘weird’ people.


Welcome Home!

Do you have a doormat? Personally, I love doormats. I think they serve as a nice little ‘Hello! Welcome to my home! I have been expecting you!’ They can have personality, be simplistic, have a humor component, add a pop of color. Really, your doormat can represent you in any way you wish.

I just purchased a new doormat for spring / summer that I am pretty pumped about (see below) from Ballard Designs:

I love the nautical / classic look (and am hoping this means our front door will get a make-over in a fresh, crisp navy…hint hint to my husband).

As you start dreaming up new landscaping projects for the warmer weather, don’t neglect your porch. Time for a ‘welcome home’ upgrade!


Valentine’s Day Decor

Your tree is packed away. The stockings are no longer ‘hung with care’. There is no mistletoe in your foyer.

Is your house feeling a little bare now that Christmas has passed?
Never fear…Valentine’s Day is almost here!

Check out some adorable decor options from Pottery Barn. Love is in the air!

Fav Find: Kitchen Bath Prints (Etsy)

While on the hunt for some replacement prints for our kitchen, I delightfully stumbled upon Kitchen Bath Prints on Etsy!

I was looking for a set of four 10 x 10 prints that were (obviously) food / kitchen related. Our kitchen is a cranberry red, so I wasn’t looking for anything with too much color. Just a nice neutral compliment.

When I found this set, I thought it was interesting, kitchey, informative and simple. SOLD.

After deciding on this series, it was fun to learn that Kitchen Bath Prints (Etsy) has over 50 colors to chose from (color chart provided. And all of their prints are made using high quality, acid free, archival Paper and premium, fade resistant ink. (Meaning…higher quality = longer lifespan!)

Also, by purchasing all four prints as a set, I basically bought 3 and received one for free! Who doesn’t love a great deal!?

Note From Shop Owner, Melinda:
“We created KitchenBathPrints, as a modern take on two of our favorite places in the home. As a husband and wife artist team we hope to bring fun and inspirational prints to our customers most cherished places within their homes. We hope they enjoy our shop as much as we enjoyed creating it!”

Here are a few other favorites of mine:

The Fear of Organization

I love organization. I am a firm believer that if it doesn’t have a place and a purpose, you don’t really need it. An organized space reinforces and organized mind.

A new year often signals a fresh start…a time for new beginnings…an opportunity to hit refresh. Why not tackle your own living space and challenge yourself to maintain order. You might just find out that you (pause for dramatic music) LIKE being organized because not only does it A) look nice…but B) helps you become a more efficient you! (High fives all around).

Trust me, I know the thought of tackling certain organization projects seem like you are walking a tightrope over a fiery pit filled with lions and spikes…and maybe some snakes…(too much?), but you simply have to pace yourself and be smart about your planning.

You WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT, conquer everything in one day…weekend…week…or even month. And that is OK! I promise! It may take you longer to get organized, but as long as you make a realistic plan and stick to it, you can have an organized space to call your own.

The trick…will be maintaining it. You will have to create ‘new normals’ or ‘rituals’ in order to stay on track. Otherwise, mass chaos will ensue and you will again find yourself in mess that you are starring at, shaking your head with disbelief, taking a deep breath to keep from screaming.

The best part is…you don’t have to do this on your own. There are many great companies out there who specialize in organization and have fabulous products that can take some of the guess work out of the equation for you.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Just take on one project at a time. Little by little you WILL get there. Deep breaths. Numerous cups of coffee. And maybe a few awesome playlists on your iPod.

You WILL get there.

All the Trimmings from Pottery Barn

Looking for some special pieces to spruce up your traditional holiday decor? All it takes is one or two additions to your current collections to create new looks and new memories.

I love so many of the items offered this season by Pottery Barn. They feel classic and nostalgic, yet modern at the same time. Most of these pieces seem as though they could have been passed down from generation to generation, but feel current enough to avoid feeling dated. And isn’t that part of the fun of Christmas? Honoring traditions, but creating new ones as well?

Trim your home with some special finds from Pottery Barn this season!


I adore Christmas stockings, or ‘socks’ as we lovingly refer to them in my family. I love that they are filled with little treats and treasures and that they, themselves, are a focal point of holiday decor.

If you are somewhat neurotic like me, you may find it important to make sure your stockings match, or at least ‘go’ together. Which means if you have expanded your family at all (baby, dog, cat, fish, etc…) you may be in the market for a new set of stockings. Or, perhaps you are less ‘type A’ and are just looking for a single eclectic stocking to add to your existing collection. Either way, I don’t think Santa will judge.

I popped around the wonderful world of Etsy and pulled the adorable stocking options you see above. Check ’em out. You might just find a new piece of holiday decor / history perfect for your fireplace.

Fall Decor

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the colors, the crisp weather, football, cider, Halloween, leaves, Thanksgiving, sweaters, etc… You name it / I love it.

However, Fall is also exceptionally busy for me and I hate to admit that I am 100% behind in terms of any Fall decor for my home. Time seems to be slipping away and soon it will be appropriate to pull out that Christmas tree. Never fear! There is still time!

So… let’s get inspired!

Morelia decanter Crate & Barrel

Morelia decanter
Crate & Barrel

Twig Cornucopia World Market

Twig Cornucopia
World Market

Halloween Skull Plates Williams Sonoma

Halloween Skull Plates
Williams Sonoma

Mercury Glass Jugs Pottery Barn

Mercury Glass Jugs
Pottery Barn

Skull Candles Crate & Barrel

Skull Candles
Crate & Barrel

Animal Love

Animals. Just about everyone likes animals.

We all have our favorites (pandas) and those we may dislike (horses). But really, everyone feels some sort of connection to animals in some way.

I have noticed a recent upswing regarding the incorporation of animals in home decor. They keep things interesting and somewhat unexpected. Eye-catching metallics and welcoming whites seems to be most prevalent, but almost anything goes.

The catch here, however, is to make sure that you strategically style your home by introducing a little animal friend to your decor. Your home should not appear to be a zoo, so you might want to limit it to one or two pieces.

Less is definitely more in this case.

C. Wonder Cranes

C. Wonder

Target Rhino


West Elm Turtle

West Elm

CB2 Birds


WOWs from West Elm

Sometimes all it takes is one new item to completely transform a space in your home. It could be a major piece of furniture, or it could simply be a fresh decorative piece that adds some life into a stale space. You don’t have to redecorate an entire room (and break the bank) to revive where you live.

I tend to get ‘bored’ with spaces and look for ways to either ‘upgrade’ an staple furniture piece (and possible find a new home for it in another room; making it ‘new’ to that room! tricky tricky) or innovative ways to swap out ‘trendy’ pieces that may not jive with my mood or preference any longer.

West Elm is one of my absolute favorite shops to upgrade my home. I love their vibe, color palette, level of quirk / uniqueness, and overall easy feel.

Here are some of my favorite pieces offered currently at West Elm. Do you spy any pieces that might work to upgrade your own space?

Heath Chair West Elm

Heath Chair
West Elm