Until We Meet Again

Writing this blog has been a fun, creative outlet for me for the past 2+ years.

499 posts later, I have covered numerous trends, favs, finds, shops, recipes, styles, looks, hits, misses, inspirations, drinks, laughs and more. It has been truly an enjoyable exploration and almost therapeutic for me.

Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing and posting. Seriously…thank you. The positive responses that I have received from sharing my likes and obsessions has been overwhelming and comforting. Thank you for reading.

This blog started as a way for me to write, to share, and to connect…but it ended up being so much more. However, life…as it often does…has gotten in the way a bit and I feel like it is time to retire the blog (at least for now). Like you, responsibilities are many (and multiplying) and I am not able to devote the attention I wish any longer. It wouldn’t feel right to commit “half-way” and therefore, I have made the choice to end with this, my 500 blog post. (High five!! Like 100 of them!)

So, as they say, “it’s not goodbye…it is simply until we meet again.”

Until then, continue to be awesome and look for all of the awesomeness in the world. It’s out there, I promise. We just need to open ourselves to embracing it a little more readily.

Love what / who you love. Try new things. Challenge yourself. Be authentic. Stay awesome.



One thought on “Until We Meet Again

  1. Awww….booo! I will miss your blog. I really enjoyed reading it and learning how to be/stay awesome! 🙂 Come back soon!

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