Texas Style: June 2014

One of my most fashionable friends made a big move from Michigan to Texas.  Daryn is true fashionista, always on trend, always fabulous. Daryn is literally a fashion-aholic. She breathes it. So, when I found out she was headed to Texas, I thought it might be fun to check in with her once in a while to see if her fashion-sense would chance, adapt, be inspired, etc… by everything Texan!  Enjoy monthly updates from Daryn!

From Daryn:

Don’t freak out ladies, but it’s bikini season! Bathing suits have really taken the fashion world by storm and have evolved into intricate works of art. I have always been a swimsuit enthusiast, but this year designers have really pulled out all the stops. My favorite designers include: Mikoh, Pily Q and Vitamin A. There are a few other new faces in the swimsuit scene that you have to check out as well! There are so many great options to help flatter your individual style and body type with patterns and pops of color that will be sure to make a statement. For great swimsuit inspiration and info on top designers, check out abikiniaday.com.

When I shop for suits the first think I look at is the style of the bottoms. The last thing you want is a bathing suit that cuts off those dreaded love handles. I tend to go up a size to prevent the bottoms from digging in those unwanted places. I also prefer bottoms with a ruffle trim or a smooth waistline, ties on the sides can add to that unwanted stuffed sausage look. One trend that has really taken off is the cheeky bottoms, which I think really flatters and enhances a woman’s behind, but if you’re looking for a more modest look than go with the full bottoms. Another common theme is the Brazilian cut, which is basically a thong style bottom that widens a bit at the top, so beware!

For the top, it really all depends on how busty you are. For those of you in the A/B category I recommend going for a bandeau style top, they show off your shoulders and are tan line free! For the more voluptuous woman, I suggest sticking with a triangle top with a thicker top strap. The thinner straps tend to slack on support and makes you look saggy, which is NOT what we want! You may find quite a few styles with push-up padding, but I try to stay away from those. Nine times out of ten you can tell the suit has the padding and I really don’t find it flattering – the natural look is way sexier in my opinion!

When shopping for suits, I try to search for unique cuts and embellishments. One trend I’m really enjoying is the crochet bikini. It gives a great texture and is so incredibly unique! Cut outs are also a huge trend right now. Many bottoms now include side cuts to show a little more skin and step up the sexy factor. Scallops are also making their way back and really add a feminine touch. My absolute favorite look is definitely more fashion forward than practical, which is the multi-strap patterns on the neckline and back. These designs add a unique touch to your suit but will leave you with awful tan lines, so choose wisely! As far as colors go I am all for pastels this season, I’m over the whole neon trend!

Here are a few of my favorites suits:

Vitamin A (fun cut outs)

Vitamin A
(fun cut outs)

Mikoh (fashion forward)

(fashion forward)

Pily Q (for the bustier ladies)

Pily Q
(for the bustier ladies)

Rove Swimwear (itty bitty, pastel & crochet)

Rove Swimwear
(itty bitty, pastel & crochet)

Marysia Swim (for smaller busted & scallop-detail lovers)

Marysia Swim
(for smaller busted & scallop-detail lovers)



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