The Brows Have It

Aside from general brow grooming (waxing / plucking), I have honestly never really given my brows much thought. They aren’t too thin. They are the right color. They are just kind of there, living above my eyes. Big deal, brows.

I remember in college, one of my friends was obsessed with clear brow gel that you could pick up at the drugstore. She literally applied and reapplied it a few times daily. (Even then) always willing to try a new product, I purchased my own clear brow gel and proceeded to incorporate it into my make-up routine. Did it really do anything for me? I honestly doubt it, but at least I was giving my brows some attention. Right?

Anywho…I was reevaluating some of my make-up choices to help transition into summer (tanned skin, increased sweating, more bronzes, light-weight everything, etc…) and I started really looking at my brows. Did they need some attention? Some love besides just grooming maintenance? Probably.

One thing that has actually bothered me about my brows is the fact that one of them has kind of ‘balded’ slightly near the inner eye / starting point. It is something that I have just kind of overlooked because, well, hairs just haven’t grown there. It was kind of ‘whatever’. I started thinking about clients who used to come in to Sephora or Macy’s (when I worked as a make-up consultant) who had actual brow issues. Women who had virtually no eyebrows, brows that were the wrong color, brows that needed to be tamed, brows that needed X,Y,Z… I remember researching pencils and gels and powders (oh my!). I remember applying different products during make-up trials to my clients and really seeing the transformation that a ‘good’ brow can have on one’s face. So, why oh why, have I neglected implementing one of these products into my own make-up routine. That answer, my awesome friends, is still a mystery to even me.

Long story short (whew), I have recently experimented with a few brow products to fill in my little balding patch and create an overall more striking / filled in brow. I have to say, I love the results. It has given my face more symmetry and has just created an overall cleaner look for the rest of my make-up.

My product of choice is Laura Mercier Brow Definer.
This product works for my needs because it is a wax / gel formula that naturally grabs onto the brows hairs that I do current have. It creates some color enhancement, as well as fills in any bare spots. The look is so natural, I just love it.

The wax / gel formula isn’t sticky at all and it wears well all day.

I apply the brow definer with a thin but stiff angled brush (THIS is my favorite) and gently create small upward / diagonal strokes to encourage the product to flow with the direction of the hair. Easy peasy.

Laura Mercier Brow Definer comes in three shades: Fair, Soft and Warm. My brows / natural hair color is a pretty rich brown, so I selected the Warm tone.

This little pot of brow happiness runs for around $20 a pop, but should last a LONG time. You really only need a small amount daily.

So, if you are thinking about switching up your make-up routine, or simply want to reevaluate your overall look, take a peek at those brows. Do they need some love? They might…and that just might make a world of difference.

Don’t you just love a simple solution!?


One thought on “The Brows Have It

  1. I’m going to need a before and after pic for this. 😉 I often look at my brows and think “What is going on?” however I rarely do anything about it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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